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Wrote: Kate Makogon

Have you ever had a feeling that you have lack of ideas what to prepare for a dinner? Or maybe, you have noticed that your menu consists mostly of your comfort food? Or have you had spaghetti already five times this week? Did it happen to you? Of course, it did, like to most of other people! How often we stock in our kitchens without any thoughts what to do next, and moreover, how to express your creativity, to impress others and simply… to enjoy it! No worries, since now your kitchen experience will have an absolutely different meaning – read and experiment with our 5 SECRETS OF CREATIVE COOKING!

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It is not a secret for anyone that travelling, like any other thing, opens our eyes, minds showing all the beauty and diversity of the world. And of course, cooking is not an exception! The more you travel, the more inspired you get, the more foods you taste and the more ideas how to combine uncombined ingredients come to your thoughts! Travel, observe what people eat, taste local foods and bring these experiences to your kitchen!

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Most probably, you know that “Vesper”, one of the most popular cocktails, became popular after the James Bond movie, and the cocktail named “Cosmopolitan” got famous thanks to the TV show “Sex & The City”. But have you ever paid attention what the characters from your favourite books and movies were eating? Next time, pay attention to the details, and… why not to prepare, for example, something that Fitzgerald described in his “The Great Gatsby” or Kerouac in “On The Road”? Be creative!

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If you are cooking for someone, think about that person. Firstly, it will make your mood  better and bring some positive energy. Secondly, you may get some inspiring ideas! Are you cooking for your children? Then make the meal bright and colourful? For your beloved one? Then make it romantic! For your friend who loves flowers? So why not to decorate in a creative way? Let your imagination go! And after all, we all know that the food tasted the best when it is made with love! 😉

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Not even necessary professional ones. Nowadays, when almost everyone has Instagram (which is, be honest, very often consists of pictures of what we eat), it is very easy to find people with thematic profiles, to be more specific – posting inspiring food photos. It is not that important who it will be – a photographer, a professional chef, a dietologist or your neighbour-blogger – as long as you can get ideas your need for creative cooking – follow them!

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In the beginning of the article we have mentioned that travelling is a key to creative cooking. But sometimes it is not enough for a great culinary success and most probably, you will need “a guide” who will open for you a door to a local culture, tell its secrets, teach you to cook local dishes and simply become your friend. Seems complicated to find such person? Not at all, with HomeyCook it can not be easier! Visit www.homeycook.com, create your profile, choose a country where you are going to travel and follow the instructions! Get ready for your perfect trip and unforgettable cooking experience!

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