7 Inspiring Movies About Food And Travel

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We all love good food, good movies and memorable travel adventures. Why not to combine these three passions together? We decided to choose for you the best films about life on the road and people following their dreams. Check out this list of the 7 inspiring movies about food and traveling! Have a good time and enjoy watching!

Eat Pray Love (2010)

A married woman realizes how unhappy her marriage is, and that her life needs to go in a different direction. After a painful divorce, she takes off on a journey to “find herself”.  Filming locations include USA, Italy, India Indonesia, and of course, except travelling, Julia Robert’s character is absolutely enjoying delicious local foods!



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Under The Tuscan Sun (2003)

Frances is a recently divorced writer from San Francisco is going for vacation to Italy. Spontaneously, she is buying a villa and deciding to stay. And here her italian adventures start! Should we add that Tuscany is the most delicious region of the country? :)

Under the tuscan Sun

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A Good Year (2006)

A British investment broker inherits his uncle’s chateau and vineyard in Provence, where he spent much of his childhood. He discovers a new laid-back lifestyle as he tries to renovate the estate to be sold. Worth watching, even just to see how elegant Russell Crowe is enjoying the French wines!

A good year

Chef (2014)

The film about a professional chef who, after a public altercation with a famous food critic Ramsey Michel, quits his job at a popular Los Angeles restaurant and returns to his home town of Miami to fix up his food truck. An inspiring story about little steps that lead you to the big dreams.



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Sideways (2004)

Two men reaching middle age with not much to show but disappointment, embark on a week long road trip through California’s wine country, just as one is about to take a trip down the aisle. This is a film with great sceneries and is a “must” for all wine lovers.


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Chocolate (2000)

When wind from the North comes, a woman and her daughter need to go and move forward. Once they are coming to a small French village and open a chocolate shop that shakes up the rigid morality of the community. While watching, we recommend you to have a box of chocolate by your side, as the film scenes will definitely make you want a piece right now! :)


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The Hundred-Foot Journey (2014)

The Kadam family is leaving India and coming to France where they open a restaurant directly across the road from Madame Mallory’s Michelin-starred eatery. The film shows a bright and unique Indian culture with its delicious cuisine and the importance of family and relationships in our lives.

The hundred foot

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