Christmas Meals Around The World

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The Christmas spirit is here and ready to spread cheer around the world – through delicious meals! As the holiday festivities kick into gear, kitchens around the world are getting busy creating traditional Christmas treats. The beautiful thing about Christmas is that it is a holiday celebrated in many corners of the globe and with each country and culture that acknowledge it; a different culinary delight is created.

If you’re looking for some cultural inspiration and want to spice things up at the Christmas table, or are simply interested in what people in countries different to yours cook to celebrate with their family and friends, check out this article all about Christmas meals around the world.


Buche de noel

 A French favourite at Christmas time is the Buche de Noel. This Yule log cake is an iconic image of Christmas and typically decorated with edible representations of festivity such as holly leaves. As the winter snow swirls outside, it’s the perfect time of year to decorate a Yule log with snowy white icing for extra sweetness.



 A tasty sweet treat that the Germans love are Pfeffernusse cookies. While it is a mouthful to say, it only takes one bite to eat a delicious mouthful. These cookies are covered in powdered sugar and have a warm spice mix to fill your belly with holiday cheer.



 A country that certainly knows how to handle their dough, traditional Christmas Panettone in Italy is a versatile recipe that can create a range of dishes. This sweet mixture can be made into bread or muffins. With fruits and nuts to compliment each other, you really can’t go wrong with this as a sweet accompaniment to the holiday spirit.



 Up in Scandinavia where the weather is frightfully cold, the Swedes have the perfect solution to staying warm. The answer is Swedish meatballs. These aren’t just your typical meatballs at Christmas time – the festive time of year is the perfect chance to add just about everything flavour from onion to espresso to spice these meatballs up.



 Hearty meals are required in Russia as the snow falls thick and heavy. With the Russian King Cake, the three layers of sweet richness are just about as thick as that snow outside! This cake dish also has poppy seeds, which create a distinct texture and add to all that deliciousness.



 Moving across the Northern Hemisphere where the snow is still swirling, Canadians are staying inside at Christmas time to bake some shortbread cookies. These traditional cookies have a melt in the mouth texture and are quick and easy to bake. With cookie cutters and decorations, they can be made into festive shapes.



 The seasons may be reversed in the land down under, but the Christmas traditions are still alive and well in the Aussie summer. A favourite Australian dessert is the Pavlova meringue. This gooey meringue with a crunchy exterior goes well with summertime fruits such as raspberries, passion fruit, and banana.

Written by: Catherine Wills