How a cooking class will enhance your travels

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Written By: Catherine Wills

If culture has a lock on it, then food is certainly the key. Through traditional dishes and local cuisine, a thousand words are said about a culture and a whole new level of understanding is gained. Food forms the basis of many elements of culture – family, socialization, etiquette, sustenance.

From basic necessity in life to a gourmet way to experience new cultures, food really does enhance your travel. No matter where you go, you are going to need to eat throughout the day. When you go to a new country, you are exposed to new ways of living and seeing the world and your stomach is introduced to new foods to digest. Eating is pretty much the best part of travel.

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But don’t just stop at eating new cultural foods! Take it one step further and open your world to new ways of cooking. Taking a cooking class is the best souvenir you could get yourself from a new country. With this memorabilia, you will take home new recipes, cooking methods and flavours on different ways to cook and create.

Cooking really brings people together. You and your travel buddies will find it a great bonding experience getting together in a kitchen and learning some new skills. You’ll have some great laughs, perhaps a few oil spills, and probably shed some tears while cutting up onions. And then you’ll get the chance to try it all again back home and reminisce on that wonderful day back in that country on your travels that you’ll never forget.

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More than this, you’ll really become engaged with the local people when you take a cooking class. Many countries are proud and excited to pass on the traditions of their local cuisine to foreign people. Sharing ideas and recipes is a fantastic part of cultural exchange. By taking a cooking class, you’ll get a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet some inspirational people and learn some local language vocabulary while in the kitchen. Your whole culinary world will change for the better after you take a cooking class during your travels!

So when you’re planning your next holiday, absolutely consider taking a cooking class in This is the perfect way to really become immersed in a new culture and gain new perspectives about life. Learn some fresh cooking tips, enjoy a delicious meal, and re-create your travel experiences back home in your own kitchen when you’re feeling those post-travel blues!