Eating is a journey

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Comer é uma viagem

By: Paola Pizzano

Pictures By: Renata Surian

For the project “Comer é uma viagem” (Eating is a journey) to take shape, I needed to undergo some personal changes.

I left behind the codes of law from my career as a lawyer for a dream: to travel the world.

I returned, 28 countries and 6 months later, but I was no longer the same. Much more courageous, I decided to check off another item on my list of dreams: to study gastronomy.

And from there my life took a turn. Again. Spending the day at the office no longer held any appeal compared to that new world I found in the kitchen which sharpened all of my senses and allowed me to travel the world.

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My relationship to food changed immensely. I realized that food calls upon our memories and that our taste buds are a powerful instrument to come to a more perfect understanding of the world. I’ll explain.

I’ve always been very curious to get to know new flavors and to have new experiences in life, which goes beyond my love for food. Both of these things took me out of my comfort zone. And when I had feelings I’d never felt before, experiencing a taste or a place or a different culture, my perception of things changed. The smell of that food, which before was strange, now became something I desired, or it took me back to a time during which I developed a level of affection and respect for that place and their foods.

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Of course, traveling leaves us more exposed to new habits, customs, people and landscapes. And it was through flavors and people that I realized that adjusting our point of view on things is what causes transformation, and which provides an immediate effect on our empathy and our ability to understand others. The unknown which we fear and which we sometimes judge and create prejudices against for lack of understanding, fall back to earth with this new vision. I learned that to truly travel, I don’t need great distances and long periods of time- leaving the house, stopping at the corner to eat and talk to people is enough.

All of the knowledge I acquired in my travels to 39 countries, including my self-knowledge, I would like to pass on to people as I continue to learn every day with the people I meet. For me, life is an explosion of flavors and tasting them goes hand in hand with traveling the world.

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My page is updated every day with the utmost care to convey all of this. I love what I do – cook, eat, travel, take photographs and meet inspiring people. In an environment of exchange of experiences in which everyone gains something, I want to share stories, places, flavors and recipes that I learned in the best kitchens in the world, whether in a high-class restaurant or in the street food lovingly prepared by the same hands for the past 30 years. The kitchen unites people and food transforms them. Food is culture. Together, we can contribute to a better world, with happier people – these are the people who can change the world.

Eating is a journey! Comer é uma viagem! <>