Eating Local and Organic

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When you go abroad for any amount of time, there are certainly foods from your home that you miss and crave. However, these foods will be there waiting for you when you return home. The local cuisine of the place you are visiting and traveling through will not.

Being in a new part of the world and exploring a new city may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to let your tastebuds revel in some new and exciting flavours. When traveling, you are granted the power to contribute to the local economy by eating local produce. Moreover, you have the chance to make environmentally friendly and ecologically stable food choices by eating not only locally, but also organically.

Globalisation and multinational corporations have certainly made the world smaller and more accessible, but this is often at the cost of local farmers and producers. This is particularly true for developing countries.

Here are the top five reasons why should aim to eat local and organic while traveling in any country.

  1. It tastes better because produce grown locally is grown seasonally, which means it will be fresh, flavoursome and healthier.Watermelon
  2. You will support the local economy by buying directly from the producer. Street markets and food stalls are the perfect way to do this as your money goes directly to the vendor.Asia food market
  3. Try something new by eating locally as you will likely come across a fruit, vegetable or baked good that you don’t recognise. Remember there is no harm in trying it!Eating Scorpions
  4. There is a sense of community is buying local produce. Many farms are family run and supported, so when you shop locally while abroad you might just meet the whole family in the market.Local Way
  5. It is better for the environment to eat locally and organically. These types of food won’t have been transported by plane or ship and undergone chemically preservation. Rather, they will be fresh and organic and much better for you, the farmer, and the environment!Local enviroment

After traveling and opening your eyes to practice of eating local and organic, you have actually done a huge favour for your future. There are many positives to buying local and organic foods and these don’t have to be isolated to traveling. Take what you have learnt and experienced while abroad and keep up the practices when you’re back home. Supporting local farmers and buying organic produce will have recurring affirmative outcomes for your health, the environment, and the global world.