High Energy Snacks the Local Way

Written By: Catherine Wills

Backpacking means lots of sightseeing. Lots of sightseeing means a lot of walking. Lots of walking means a lot of eating. It’s not surprising that when you’re traveling around new cities and places, you tend to eat more and snack more regularly.

The best way to sustain your energy while traveling is to eat the right kind of snacks. Although they might seem appealing, a packet of potato chips or a chocolate bar is not the best snack to choose. These are filled with sugar and saturated fats that release energy quickly, so you won’t be left feeling full for a long time. Rather you’ll just want another snack again shortly.

Thankfully, there are better ways to snack. There are many healthy snacking options, and when you’re traveling it’s a good opportunity to try new snack foods. There are many local delights when it comes to snacking on the road.

Batata Vada
Places like India, Nepal and Sri Lanka are excellent for tasty snacks that are jam-packed with nutritional value. Things like a samosa (a light pastry filled with lentils, potatoes and spices) and batata vada – aloo bonda (fried potato dumpling) will fill you up and taste delicious.


In Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia, there is a huge culture of street food. These market-like stalls line the streets and have some of the best snacks around. On this continent you’ll find nutritional delights such as kimbap (rice and vegetable slices similar to sushi) and khao tom mat (sweet bananas coated in sticky rice).

The good thing about countries in these regions is that foods are cooked in healthy oils and using traditional methods. For this reason, street food snacks will be lacking unhealthy fats and oils, so you can enjoy the delicious and taste and long-lasting energy release.

When traveling in Europe and western countries, the best way to snack healthy is to find a good supply of nuts and dried fruits. These are readily available in supermarkets and convenience stores. A tub of almonds, raisins, walnuts and dried apricots will give you all the energy you need to get through a day of seeing some glorious sites!

So try something new and embrace the local’s advice on what snack to take with you. When you go shopping in the supermarket, have a look at foreign snacks and read the nutritional information to see if it’s going to fuel you for the day. You never know when or where your tastebuds are going to find their new favourite snack item!

  • Jammy S

    I like the first paragraph :) “Backpacking means lots of sightseeing. Lots of sightseeing means a lot of walking. Lots of walking means a lot of eating.” I agree! :)
    Hmm kimbap is actually Korean word… kim means seaweed, and bap means rice. I didn’t know that they sell kimbap in Thailand and Indonesia. :)

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