How to drink coffee around the world

It is adored in many countries, but each place has its own way of preparing and tasting a good cup of coffee. Find out the differences and prepare yourself for the next trip!

Who was the first person to roast and grind the red coffee fruit for preparing the drink? The exact answer is not known. There are many legends and myths concerning the origin of coffee. The oldest one says that the consumption happened in 575 d.C. when the Ethiopian shepherd Kaldi noticed that his goats became more dynamic after consuming the red fruits of the shrubs and then he decided to roast and grind the grains.

Already in 1400 d.C., coffee started being spread around the world arriving to Syria, Egypt and Turkey. But it was in middle of 1600 that coffee was popularized in Europe and the coffee culture was spread around the world, opening famous coffee crops, including in Brazil, where it started to be planted and it was one the main export products for years.

The time went by, but the passion for coffee stayed here and also spread everywhere. Each country has its own manner of preparing and serving coffee. There are different ways for preparing it: strained, using a cloth or paper filter, in espresso machines and also in many other ways. The local habits when serving it provide charm and a taste which turn each cup of coffee a sole experience. Be acquainted with its use in some places and prepare yourself to delight a good coffee in your trips. Check here:

Turkey –

turkish coffee

According to a Turkish proverb, the coffee shall be as “as black as hell, strong as death and sweet as love”. There, it is usually served upon the meals and done in Cezve. Cezve is a recipient made of copper and brass having a long handle. For obtaining a perfect Turkish coffee it is necessary to grind the grain very thin. It is drunk in small cups and aromatized with spices such as cardamom and cinnamon. Much people say that it is possible to “foresee future” looking at the coffee grounds which are deposited at the bottom of the cups. Whether this is true or not… nobody knows… This is part of Turkish tradition.

Italy –


Italy became a reference in the art of preparing coffee thanks to some of its famous inventions, like coffee espresso. The espresso requires accurateness and care when preparing it, using specific machines. But the authentic cappuccino, which is also much known, is prepared with coffee and milk only; the ideal is that 1/3 of espresso, 1/3 of vaporized milk, 1/3 of milk foam. And the Italians were who also created, in the thirties, the Moka machine for preparing coffee. It has an hour glass shaped and it comprises a kettle (lower portion), a tapered filter and an upper recipient, with another removable filter. Only a detail… do not ask for a cappuccino at the end of the day in Italy – the sole appropriate moment for delighting this drink is in the morning.

Saudi Arabia –

Saud Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, drinking a coffee is practically a ceremony which follows a rule of good manners, always firstly serving the older persons. The coffee shall be roasted very thin with cardamom (sometimes, they also add saffron and cinnamon) and it is prepared in front of the guest. It is served in small cups and it is served very hot; it is degusted very slowly along with typical sweets of the region, such as dry dates for compensate coffee bitterness.

Ireland –

Irish coffee

In Ireland, coffee turned also into a cocktail which became famous in many places. The Irish coffee was created in Ireland in 1940 so as to warm the American tourists during the cold winter nights and, since then, it was popularized in the four borders of the planet. The Irish coffee is made of hot coffee, Irish whisky, sugar and vaporized milk.

Ethiopia –


In Ethiopia, the cradle of coffee, traditional coffee ceremonies are part of the culture; there it can last up to two hours to be served. Historically, buna, as coffee is called there, was served with salt or butter instead of sugar. Currently, they still add many ingredients (such as, cinnamon, honey or butter)

United States –

Amercian Coffee

With coffee shops in every block of its cities, it is not surprising that Americans are always among those who consume coffee the most in the world. Such national habit has grown in decade of 1990 and also “American coffee” was more popularized, which comprises coffee and hot water, being a good alternative for people who likes a simple coffee which is not so strong.

Vietnam –


In Vietnam, the coffee is served strong and hot. The differential relates to its preparation in a small dripping filter which slowly fills the cup. Another characteristic is that it is served with some spoons of condensed milk, giving to the coffee a rich and sugary taste; it seems to be more a dessert than a drink.

By Juliane Albuquerque

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