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MAgs Kitchens

Mag will open her Kitchen in Copacabana at HomeyCook, cooking with this lovely Argentinean with Brazilian heart is something you should add to your travel bucket list, visit for more information.

Check the interview she gave to our blog.

A little of your history, when you came to Brazil and here what pleased you so much to make you live here?

I am Argentine, and the first time I came to Brazil was in 2008 and from that time I completely felt in love with this land,  I was traveling almost every year since, neither because of business or holiday. On the way I made friends and ended up living here in Rio, my place in the world. The thing that attracted me the most was the diversity Brazil materialized in many ways, the food, the culture, the rituals, the colors of the skin, the music, all my being vibrates with samba and bossa. I could say that I live in Rio mainly by samba, the food and of course, geography here is absolutely amazing.

When it was your first experience with Brazilian food?

My first experience was in Salvador, Bahia and the acarajé, I still remember how my eyes began to water, but when the spicy left my mouth I could not believe that there is in the world such taste as dendê! This flavor was so unknown to me it was an opening of the sense of taste to me, just loved it.

Why do you like to cook?

I always love to cook, when I was a little girl my first teacher of cooking was the woman who took care of me, we called her “Chelin” she was so cool that every time she cooked something she taught me and let me do what I want that is how I learned just playing . I keep cooking since, because for me the kitchen is a magic place, where I can make up whatever I want, use my creativity freely and cook for others with love. I believe that feed someone and cook to another person is an act of love.

What you see opportunity to participate in the HomeyCook?

Joining Homeycook I can mix things I like to do: cooking for others, enjoy a culture that I love very much and keep learning it and meet people from other latitudes, another feeling, another reality.