Melaine’s Kitchen

Melanie Kitchen

Melaine was one of the first HomeyCook clients, she had an awesome cooking class with Dasha and guess what?

She decided to open her Kitchen in Paris, planning a trip to France? Don`t forget to put a cooking class with Melaine in your travel bucket list.


How you made the decision to study gastronomy?

I was actually going to study political sciences after high school, but I then decided that I needed a more concrete job, something that could make me travel as well. I used to bake a lot at that time and loved it, so I just followed my intuition and here I am, living my passion.

As a traveler and one of the first people to use the homeycook to explore local food, what did you think of the concept?

I was really happy when Herlan approched me on couchsurfing to explain to me his concept. I was really looking forward to it. It’s an amazing way to meet new people and discover local food, in a fun spirit. I learned a lot from Dasha, discovered new vegs and dishes that I have never heard of in my country. I’m going to travel a lot in the next few months and I really hope I’ll get to enjoy this experience again; because as a chef, I’m not just travelling for the monuments or the history, but also for new tasty food experience.

A short brief of what you are going to cook with your guests in Paris?

When I’ll welcome people in my place in Paris for a Homeycook experience, I would like to share with them my mother’s recipe. Mum’s food is the most cumforting and brings back sweet childhood memories. It’s mainly traditional French dishes; for example Burgundy beef (beef with red wine sauce), or veal blanquette (veal in a creamy sauce), or maybe fish and vegs steamed in papillotes. As for the desert, my all time favorite is apple pie or quatre-quarts (really moist and buttery cake).