Dasha & Lucas Kitchen


Dasha Lucas Kitchen

From time to time we are going to share stories about our hosts at www.homeycook.com, this week we are going to share an interview with Dasha, who will soon register her kitchen together with her husband Lucas at Homeycook, She is originally from Russia, but lives in Brazil and love Brazilian Cuisine.

What you like most in Brazilian Cuisine?

What i love about Brazilian cuisine is that it never stops surprising me! It´s exciting how beautiful it looks and tastes, with a big variety of colors and textures from fresh fruit, vegetables and different cuts of meats. The food carries bold spices and inspirations from all corners of the country, each one with its own flavor and history.

Why do you like to cook?

I love cooking because its a wonderful way to explore the freedom within me and play with no rules, its a way to love people and connect them with something beautiful. The kitchen is a place for me where people come together in happiness and joy, not judgement and prejudice. I cook to celebrate life.

What you think about the concept of meeting people from all over the world?

Absolutely love how food melts the ice and breaks the walls within people and nations! The table (and kitchen) is a wonderful way to gather different its and bits of words and make it into a whole story. Its a way of traveling the world and nurturing yourself and others with much more than food.

What are you going to teach at HomeyCook?

I can teach you a few classical, fresh and family russian dishes that are my childhood favorites! As well as brazilian day-by-day fresh cuisine that even makes my family in Russia ask for more. Maybe a fusion, who knows? Let´s brainstorm together!