Canadian Famous Fries Dish

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Wrote by: Kelly Dunning

With the sounds of guitars and fiddles still rollicking in your ears, you push through the heavy doors of a George Street Pub and into the chilly night air of St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada. It’s been a chaotic night filled with live music, pints of beer and local Screech rum and you are exhausted from reeling around the dance floor at full speed to traditional East Coast tunes. The sun will be coming up in only a few hours and it’s time to fill your drunken belly with some comfort food and collapse into your bed.

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Behold the Ziggy Peelgood’s French fry truck, it’s white flanks gleaming in the glow from the streetlights and a billow of steam rising from inside. A St. John’s icon, this fry shop on wheels offers some of the best known greasy snacks the city has to offer. You order a piping hot serving of poutine – a French Canadian inspired dish consisting of French fries smothered in fresh cheese curds and hot gravy. Nothing warms you up better on a cold Canadian night.

Ziggy’s has been around since 1986, approaching nearly three decades of serving greasy fried potatoes to Newfoundlanders. The recipe has changed very little and over the years they have focused on getting the fries just right. Although they mostly cater to the drunk crowd on George Street, the epicentre of the St. John nightlife, they have also appeared at numerous festivals and events. The fries are cooked on a mobile food truck, so it can be driven around to different parts of the city wherever greasy street food is in demand.

This food cart serves up your basic French fries, but they also have a few options for creative takes on fries. For example, you might want to try the Mex-Zig-An fries, which include mozzarella, salsa, sour cream and jalapenos.

If you are planning on visiting the Ziggy’s truck during your visit to St. John’s, make sure that you bring cash – credit cards are not accepted. Also, be patient with that first bite as the fries are freshly made and piping hot when they are served to you!

Eating Ziggy’s fries is a must-do when you are visiting St. John’s, Newfoundland, so forget about your waistline for a night and indulge in this iconic local street food.