Top Reasons to Avoid Fast Food Chains while Traveling

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Another country, another cuisine: this is one of the greatest blessings about traveling. With each new city we visit, we are exposed to a whole new food culture as well. For some, however, this can be a daunting and somewhat unwelcoming prospect. Traveling is something that takes us well out of our comfort zones on many levels, and while abroad it can really hit home just how much food impacts that comfort zone.

You might be in an Asian country where the best rice dishes are lining the streets, or perhaps you have found yourself in India with aromatic curries that are intensely flavoursome. From Western Europe to the East, you’ll find yourself faced with delicious French baguettes and croissants to thickly warming Hungarian goulash. All countries around the world have something to offer your palate and give your taste buds a whole new experience – so why, then, are you craving McDonalds?

It is entirely natural while you are abroad to miss elements of your home life. While immersing yourself in the total unknown, you seek familiarity to feel at ease. Often, food is one of the main sources of comfort. And one of the most standard foods that remind of us home, and that can be found abroad, is fast food chains such as McDonalds and Burger King. These chains offer a huge temptation to indulge in comfort food when you are feeling homesick or overwhelmed. As strong as the temptation can be, resisting the urge to eat this type of food will be much better for your travels. These are the top reasons to avoid such fast food chains while traveling.

McDonalds will be there in your confortable, everyday life

Right now, your life is exciting and crazy and exhilarating because you are traveling in a new place. Back home, you probably drive past a McDonalds on your way to work, or walk past a KFC when you get off the train. That’s mundane. That’s dull. That’s just part of your typical, everyday scenery. Embrace the chance to be totally removed from that life for the short while you are abroad. When you return home and reflect on your amazing holiday, you don’t want McDonalds to be the highlight.

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You have a chance to contribute to the local community

No matter what country you are, having the opportunity to be part of the local community is a true blessing. You will be making a huge difference in someone’s life when you buy local produce. Whether it is a street food stall in Thailand or a family owned bakery in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you will feel much more satisfied with your food knowing that your money is going towards the locals, and not some multinational corporate fast food chain.

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Health is important while traveling

Taking care of your body while on the road can certainly be a struggle, between long transit days and lack of sleep in noisy hostels. Therefore, the food you fuel yourself with really does matter. While a greasy cheeseburger can feel like the most nourishing and satisfying option, your energy levels are going to thank you a lot more if you go to a local supermarket and stock up snacks and dried fruits and nuts instead.

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You’ll never regret trying something new

At the end of the day, traveling is all about trying new things. There isn’t much point leaving your home city and doing exactly the same things you would there in a new country. Travel gives you the chance to open your mind to news ways of living and experiencing the world around you. HomeyCook gives you even further opportunity to not just eat something typical, but also cook together with local people. Don’t miss out on a moment of this by being drawn in with the temptation of fast food chains.

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